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Focused on hip travellers, also art collectors and fine amateurs based internationally looking to get a finest vision of best Contemporary Art  including the Art de vivre.


Free, no subcription fees.


The Hip CLUB celebrates Contemporary Art, the City, a vibrant International Club, and its discoveries.

Reading and building a Contemporary Art collection in transparency and light, sharing with hip connoisseurs open to the world.

The CLUB Art Selection is  therefore focused on a selection &  flash sales from best top and emerging art talents  with  Guest Galleries over seasons, on one major criteria, excellence.

The venture started in Paris with the Paris Art Network with major events in art institutions, fairs and galleries with more than of 600 members over time. 



Private Contemporary Events, Meetings, Benefits on Open Club Services & Collector Box 


The Club offers a fine selection and invitations to cool events (heart@London, Paris, Bangkok, Singaprore, NYC), as well alerts to make your  unique Art Collector box. The Open Club Services are included for personalised advises to build a vibrant collection, private shows in best galleries,  Hip ArtFeasts will take place for our nomad spots.

Art advice are drawn  to build with you a unity, a chamber in pieces of art, diverse in style & forms, or figuring an intention, an idea, a concept, a process, all along vibrate, connect, talk to each other and to you, to bring this kind of Magic in your context & everyday life living next to, in inspirations, in beauty and joy. 

The Club List is private, if you would like to sponsor friend(s), we offer e-invitation cards  to invite them to join, you are Welcome.

Fill in the application form to get your CLUB Membership Card and share with us  contemporary vibes.